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PLA Gloss Clear Compostable Film Permanent


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Our eco-friendly semi-gloss biodegradable labels are ideal for businesses looking for labels that are kinder to the environment. If you need labels to use on products where the packaging must be biodegradable then these labels are the perfect solution. Their semi-gloss appearance also gives them a premium feel.

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Product code: PLACP

PLA is a corona-treated, clear, biaxially oriented poly-lacttic acid film with good gloss appearance. This product is made from renewable source. Can be converted by UV letterpress and offset printing. Use of biodegradable inks is recommended. Care should be taken in application to non-uniform surfaces and squeezable applications due to high stiffness. PLA clear film also has a low water vapour barrier.

Face Material

Description: Compostable Film

Finish and Colour  Gloss Clear

Weight / Thickness 63 gsm / 50 micron


 Type  Permanent, Acrylic, Biodegradable & Compostable

Min Application Temp 5 °C

In Service Temp -20 °C to +50 °C

Initial Good

Ultimate Adhesion Good

Release Liner

Weight: 57 gsm

Colour: Honey Glassine

Thickness: 51 micron


Secondary food packaging and homecare applications.

Shelf Life

1 Year

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is taking the right steps to Go Green…

Help protect the environment by using JCL’s eco-friendly labels. Every small change helps make the world a much greener place. 

Take a look at the products we have to offer…


Take a more sustainable approach to your labelling and make the switch to our range of recycled materials. They look just as good as our standard materials and can be used for most label applications and are available on rolls.

Recycled Paper Labels: 100% recycled white paper which can be recycled, Suitable for vegans but are not biodegradable or compostable.

We have two products in this range.

80 Mic Gloss White 85% Recycled PE Permanent

Semi Gloss 100% Recycled Paper Permanent


With a growing focus on sustainability, brands are giving more attention to their environmental footprint. With bans on single-use plastics on the horizon, JCLabels are offering a semi gloss compostable paper label for product packaging.

We have two products in this range

PLA Gloss Clear Compostable Film Permanent

Semi Gloss Compostable Paper


As a business we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. 98% of our waste is recycled into energy via biomass. We buy FSC assured papers to ensure that trees are replanted and we look after our plant.  

Responsible labelling by JC Labels.

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