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is taking the right steps to Go Green…

Help protect the environment by using JCL’s eco-friendly labels. Every small change helps make the world a much greener place. 

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Take a more sustainable approach to your labelling and make the switch to our range of recycled materials. They look just as good as our standard materials and can be used for most label applications and are available on rolls.

Recycled Paper Labels: 100% recycled white paper which can be recycled, Suitable for vegans but are not biodegradable or compostable.

We have two products in this range.

80 Mic Gloss White 85% Recycled PE Permanent

Semi Gloss 100% Recycled Paper Permanent


With a growing focus on sustainability, brands are giving more attention to their environmental footprint. With bans on single-use plastics on the horizon, JCLabels are offering a semi gloss compostable paper label for product packaging.

We have two products in this range

PLA Gloss Clear Compostable Film Permanent

Semi Gloss Compostable Paper


As a business we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. 98% of our waste is recycled into energy via biomass. We buy FSC assured papers to ensure that trees are replanted and we look after our plant.  

Responsible labelling by JC Labels.

We will plant a Tree with every order over £250

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count

Climate change is harming our planet, but if we all make a small change, we can make a big impact. Plant a Tree with your order and follow our progress with our virtual forest.

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With advanced labelling capabilities, we can thermal print labels fully customisable to your requirements.

Thermal transfer printing may be the best option for short runs particularly for simple bar code labels. Some of these labels may also be pre-printed with customer specific information, and then still overprinted within a customer’s manufacturing facility.


Our Hot Foil presses can produce a stunning effect on a label which no other process can achieve. This process is a great way to set your products apart from the rest.

JCL have produced foil labels since the early 1980’s which gives us a wealth of knowledge and expertise ensuring customer satisfaction.

Hot Foil can be added to flexographic and digital labels to give the ultimate eye catching finish to your labels, making them a truly exotic and luxurious label solution.


Flexographic label printing is an economical printing method used for medium to long print runs as the production speeds are higher, and the inks less expensive than digital processes. JCL use Focus, and also Nilpeter flexographic label presses with a state-of-the-art ink mixing and control system, to create a highly consistent print quality with the best levels of clarity and impact for label printing.

What People Are Saying About JCL…

“We have been using JCL for a number of years now and their speed and service continues to amaze us. We just wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Customer Since 2004

“JCL supply all our labels and offer us great quality and they deliver really quickly. There never seem to be any jobs they can’t do when it comes to labelling. “

Customer Since 2009

At the core of our label printing business is our commitment to quality

At the core of our label printing business is our commitment to quality



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