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Wine, beverage &

craft beer labels

Quality, elegance, and personality, with pioneering sustainable solutions. Ensure your brand is portrayed at its best throughout the product life cycle with high-end wine, Alcohol, and craft beer labels.

Alcohol Labels –

There is no job that is too small or too large for our team


JC Labels provides support at whatever level you might need to meet your label production goals.  We will work with you from concept to finished product in whatever capacity your project requires.


We produce high quality self adhesive labels, either from your own design or where required we may assist in producing a design to suit your product.

Wine, beverage and craft beer labels

Whether you want to win over customers with the artisanship of your craft beverage or dazzle them with the luxuriousness of your spirits or wine bottle label design, we offer a range of decorative, functional, and sustainably innovative labels that match all your needs. As connoisseurs in the labelling industry and experts in label material sustainability, we help designers and brands from around the world choose the perfect label for their designs without compromising label sustainability.

 Sustainable wine, liquor and, craft beer labels

Consumer demand for sustainable products and solutions has never been higher, making sustainable packaging a valuable asset for brands. For brands who are eager to stand out with pioneering sustainable solutions, we recommend products from our Environmentally Friendly Range.

Find the perfect sustainable material for your wine labels, liquor labels, and craft beer labels. Enable packaging recycling, and make your product stand out by showcasing your brand’s sustainable values.

Don’t forget on every order over £50 we will plant a Tree on your behalf.

Take a look at some examples

Wine, liquor and craft beer labels

Are you a small business or individual looking to customise your own olive oil and vinegar labels? We help many small businesses sell their bottles of oil and vinegar at local markets, online or in a shop.

Whether the brand’s message is communicated through richly textured papers, vibrant colors, or detailed decoration, our wide selection of quality label materials provides you a canvas for expression.

Film label materials are highly printable, allowing traditional printing methods such as offset litho, rotary, silkscreen, UV flexo, and gravure. Our range of clear film faces offers the ultimate no-label look. For unique, sustainable label solutions, choose one of our Environmentally friendly materials.

Our red wine labels are designed to be your canvas for expression. These wine labels include a wide variety of options to delight both the eyes and the sense of touch, including coated, textured, and metalized papers and films. For a bolder effect, holographic and foil label faces are also available. Utilize a full range of printing techniques, including digital printing for most labels, and complementary embellishment options like embossing and hot and cold foiling.

For white wine labels in dry conditions, our selection of coated, uncoated, textured, and metalized papers can all be used to bring brands to life. 

Our Ice wine labels withstand temperature fluctuations and remain smoothly adhered in humid refrigerated storage. For Ice Premium wine labels, the inks and other embellishments look as solid and vibrant as when dry, even after hours in an ice bucket.

New craft beers continuously enter the market, making standing out on the shelf vital. Our pressure-sensitive labels help communicate your brand story by providing a graphic canvas. Designers can use textured, coloured, and metalized papers or ultra-clear and white films to create unique and informative labels that attract the consumer’s eye.

Beverage Labels

If you have any question about the design or print process for your oils then get in touch with us, we always love hearing for our customers. We can send out a free sample pack if you need help, it includes all our materials, sizes and shapes plus a FREE hand sanitiser with a choice of labels.


Our team will help you decide from our range of strong, high quality and durable substrate options suitable for automotive applications.


With Pantone colour matching, and extended colour gamut printing with our digital press, your labels will look stunning.

Shapes & Sizes

Pick from over 1,000 stock cutters or have a custom shape made to match your specific oil bottle or application.


We have lots of experience in supplying labels to automotive and oil companies, and are able to select adhesives to match your needs.


Include barcodes, batch codes, or other forms of variable data associated with your product to help with stock and batch tracking.


Our variety of label finishing capabilities means we can offer the best option for your needs, including thermal transfer varnish.

We will plant a Tree with every order over £50

Sometimes, it's the little things that count

Climate change is harming our planet, but if we all make a small change, we can make a big impact. Plant a Tree with your order and follow our progress with our virtual forest.

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 Why should we trust JC Labels ? 

 JC Labels has a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years.  We pride ourselves in our excellent custoemr service and friendly approach to laeblling.  We will make buying labels an easy process with a company that will take care of you.

Do have to pay for tooling?

There are tooling charges for flexo-printed labels but these can be reduced by using our digital service.

How many labels do I need to order?

The more labels you order the more cost effective the labels become. You can order as little as 500 labels or as many as you can cope with. Our production facility regularly produces labels in volumes in the hundreds of thousands. Contact our sales office for more information.

What Information do we need from you?

We simply need to know the dimensions of your label (for example width, height and shape), how many labels do you need printing, what you are going to do with the labels (so we can make sure we sell you the right product) and finally the orientation of the label on the roll.

Can JCL print barcodes & sequential numbers?

Yes we can, we have various printing techniques capable of handling a variety of barcodes and sequential data.

Can JCL help with a difficult application?

Yes we can, With our wealth of SelfAdhesive knowledge and over 40years experience we are ideally suited to advise on any difficult jobs you have. We love a challenge and are here to help. If you have a tricky surface to stick to you know who to call.

What material do I need to use to make sure my labels stick properly?

 JC Labels uses a variety of high-quality products and experience to ensure that each project has the correct material for its application.  We will work with you to ensure that you get the right label for the right application.

What material do I need to use to make sure my labels stick properly?

 JC Labels uses a variety of high-quality products and experience to ensure that each project has the correct material for its application.  We will work with you to ensure that you get the right label for the right application.

Will my labels be waterproof?

Labels can be manufactured to meet different specifications.  For example, JC supplies labels that conform to BS5609 which is the British Standard for marine use.  This means in simple terms that labels can be left in a tidal location for 3 months and still do their job.

How do I know the ink won't run?

 We use UV inkjet printing and Flexographic label printing to ensure the very best possible quantity and functionality of labels.  With our high quality machinery and laminating options the ink stays where it is meant to!

Is there a limit on the size of my labels?

 Our standard maximum label width is 330mm wide and the longest standard label we can do is 600mm long.  This gives a huge scope of labels that covers the vast majority of jobs.  If you have a label bigger than this we can still help.  Just call to discuss your needs


Can they be provided in sheets or is it a continuous roll?

 Our standard offering is reels of labels.  However,  sheets are available and are not difficult to produce.  Please ask for more information.

Can we thermal transfer print variable data onto the labels after production?

 As we produce digital print we can add the variable data for you at the source.  However,  If you have information that you would like to add after your labels are made then we can easily facilitate this for you.  Nothing is too much trouble for JCL.

Is there a restriction on number of colours?

 Our machines use CMYK to produce a huge variety of colours.  With digital print, we can produce an enormous spectrum of colours.  

How long does my delivery of labels take?

Standard delivery of labels is 7 -1 0 working days.  Got an emergency or run out of labels ???? Talk to our team and we will try to help out wherever we can.

At the core of our label printing business is our commitment to quality



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