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Help protect the environment by using JCL’s eco-friendly labels. Every small change helps make the world a much greener place.

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We produce high-quality self-adhesive labels, either from your own design or where required we may assist in producing a design to suit your product.

For flexo labelling, we can print full-colour process labels, multiple spot colours right through to plain blank labels for customers to print themselves.

We also have the capability to print onto the reverse (adhesive) side of a label which is ideal for cooking instructions on food labels.

Add laminate or varnish to the top surface of a label to protect the print. This gives a luxurious look and feel adding value to your labels.

At the core of our label printing business is our commitment to quality.


High Quality

We produce high quality self adhesive labels, either from your own design or where required we may assist in producing a design to suit your product.


Customise your Labels

Self-adhesive labels are incredibly versatile, making them perfect for a different number of uses. The labels can be printed on a variety of materials and configured with variable data, making sure they’re the perfect match for your business.


Easy to Use

The biggest benefit of self-adhesive labelling is that it is very clean and easy to use. Simply stick the label directly onto the product or surface for a perfect application, every single time.



With over 40 years of experience with self-adhesive label printing at JCL, we offer a high speed serive with a proven track record. Our labels are made to the highest quality and won’t let your business down.


Multiple Spot Colours

With our Flexo press we can print four colour process labels, spot colours right through to plain blank labels for customers to print themselves. Any combination is possible up to 8 colours in one pass.


Reverse label Printing

We also have the capability to print onto the reverse (adhesive) side of a label or even the liner. Adhesive printing can be used in cooking instructions or creating deadened adhesives or non adhesive areas in labels.


Self Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels are designed to be the most quick and simple way to label a product. With a removable backing, the labels are simply stuck directly onto the product with no need for messy glues.

At JCL we supply a range of self-adhesive labels for a variety of diverse industries and applications, including clothing, food labels, logistics or warehousing, pharmaceutical, automotive and beverages.

The labels can be customised and made from an extensive range of materials, including card, polypropylene, semi or full gloss papers, tamper-evident and satin substrates.

We can also print variable data onto each individual label, giving you complete customisation and control over your self-adhesive labels.

Digital Printing

Digital label printing offers high-quality full-colour glossy labels

We continuously invest in improving our digital label printing systems and equipment, our customers benefit from the best digital printing services.

Digital label printing eliminates the need for expensive printing plates, making it easier and cheaper to produce small runs and letting you alter your label designs without paying costs for more printing plates.

Our digital label printing service offers high-quality full-colour glossy labels, perfect for a range of industries and applications from Food Labelling to Chemical Packaging with fast turnarounds.

With a wide range of materials, sizes and designs, digital labels can be customised for your business. 

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At the core of our business is our dedication to the highest possible quality and the best service on the market.  We relish a challenge and welcome any enquiry you may have for Labels.

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With advanced labelling capabilities, we can thermal print labels fully customisable to your requirements.

Thermal transfer printing may be the best option for short runs particularly for simple bar code labels. Some of these labels may also be pre-printed with customer specific information, and then still overprinted within a customer’s manufacturing facility.


Our Hot Foil presses can produce a stunning effect on a label which no other process can achieve. This process is a great way to set your products apart from the rest.

JCL have produced foil labels since the early 1980’s which gives us a wealth of knowledge and expertise ensuring customer satisfaction.

Hot Foil can be added to flexographic and digital labels to give the ultimate eye catching finish to your labels, making them a truly exotic and luxurious label solution.


Flexographic label printing is an economical printing method used for medium to long print runs as the production speeds are higher, and the inks less expensive than digital processes. JCL use Focus, and also Nilpeter flexographic label presses with a state-of-the-art ink mixing and control system, to create a highly consistent print quality with the best levels of clarity and impact for label printing.

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“We have been using JCL for a number of years now and their speed and service continues to amaze us. We just wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

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“JCL supply all our labels and offer us great quality and they deliver really quickly. There never seem to be any jobs they can’t do when it comes to labelling. “

Customer Since 2009

At the core of our label printing business is our commitment to quality



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